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Body & Hand Contouring

Body Contouring With
Stem Cell Fat Grafting

There are a wide variety of body contouring procedures available today. However, they do not always yield the results that patients desire. For instance, liposuction—while it usually produces satisfactory results—can be overdone and leave unnatural-looking dents and contour irregularities. A common solution for this is traditional fat grafting, but this tactic has a high fat resorption rate and often requires multiple treatments. Dr. Renato Calabria has perfected the revolutionary, new technique of using fat grafting with stem cells to resolve these issues. This technique uses advanced technology to produce highly satisfactory results with natural-looking improvements in body contour as well as skin texture.

Achieved With Body Contouring Through Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Body Fat

Body contouring with stem cell fat grafting draws on the patient’s own body fat. Using liposuction, excess fat is harvested from target areas of the body. The stem cells in the fat are then isolated and reinjected into depressions or other needed areas. By extracting fat from the donor site, patients can lose as much as several inches of fat. This reduction in unwanted fat improves body shape, firmness, tone, and clothing fit.


The main concern with body contouring using liposuction is that when used aggressively, it can produce unnatural-looking results. A patient who is left with noticeable dents, dimples, or irregularities in body contour has the obvious stigmata of having had plastic surgery, and this can cause distress. Stem cell fat grafting can correct these issues and help smooth out contours so the body looks naturally slender and firm. Using stem cells can even improve the texture of the skin.

Low Risk
With Better Results

The benefit of using a patient’s own fat for reinjection into the body is that it makes this a low-risk procedure. The body recognizes the fat as being a familiar substance and will not reject it. Stem cells also have an advantage over traditional fat grafting. With traditional fat grafting, up to 80 percent of the fat can be reabsorbed, meaning only 20 percent of the results can be predicted. Fat grafting using stem cells has much more predictable and permanent results, making it a more reliable form of body contouring.

What Does Body Contouring With Stem Cell Fat Grafting Entail?

Body contouring with stem cell fat grafting begins with liposuction. General anesthesia is administered, and a microcannula is inserted through small incisions in a predetermined fatty area of the body. The fat is carefully harvested with the microcannula and syringe while avoiding trauma to the adipose cells. The harvested fat is then inserted into a device that washes up the debris and performs a complicated enzymatic treatment to isolate and concentrate the stem cells. The stem cells are then reinjected into defect areas caused by overly aggressive liposuction.

The costs associated with your body contouring procedure using stem cell fat grafting will vary depending on the extent of your procedure as well as any surgical fees, facility fees, and the cost of anesthesia. Dr. Calabria will provide you with a more accurate cost estimate based on your needs as discussed during your consultation.

Your recovery experience will depend on the extent of liposuction performed and the area(s) that received liposuction. Patients may need up to two weeks off from work but are typically able to resume light routine activities after one week. Dr. Calabria will provide you with specific instructions regarding exercise, which you should carefully follow so as not to interfere with the healing process and the settling of the newly injected stem cells.

After your procedure, you will see progressive improvement in the treated areas. The stem cells will effectively graft into the tissues to become part of the treated areas and improve body contour. Your results will include softer and more natural body contours, with smoother skin texture in the target sites and improved firmness in the donor sites. It may take six months or more for the full results to become apparent. Dr. Calabria has found that the results from this body contouring technique are very satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Contouring With Stem Cell Fat Grafting

If you have received overly aggressive liposuction that has left you with unnatural-looking dents or irregularities in body contour, you may benefit from stem cell fat grafting. Additionally, if you desire body contouring with fat grafting, this procedure can yield the most natural-looking, predictable, and permanent results.
Stem cells create new blood vessels and secrete growth factors. They also promote tissue survival and retention, and they trigger the tissues at the graft site to produce more cells. This process leads to smoother and more natural-looking results that can fully correct contour irregularities and dents caused by overly aggressive liposuction.
Dr. Calabria can perform body contouring with this technique nearly anywhere in the body,even on the hands. With stem cell fat grafting, the body’s contours can be highlighted in an attractive and natural way.
The treated areas may experience some discomfort during recovery. Dr. Calabria prescribes medication to alleviate pain and discomfort. Compression garments can also significantly assist with pain and swelling.
Scarring is minimal and remains only on the donor site areas due to liposuction. These scars are miniscule and will fade significantly over time.