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How Does Stem Cell Plastic Surgery Compare to Others?

4 min read Stem Cell Grafting and Body Contouring A desire for less invasive ways to improve our appearance is driving cosmetic surgery’s recent trends.  Procedures that use other means of restructuring, resurfacing, or re-draping are taking precedence over traditional surgery as people prefer faster recovery and an outcome that looks less “done.” People want […]

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Getting a Ripped Body with Body Contouring

The traditionally ripped physique—toned biceps, washboard abs, defined glutes and thighs, and little to no fat anywhere—is the ultimate appearance goal. Developing an extensive exercise routine, coupled with a healthy diet, is often all you need to get into your desired shape. While there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush you get from hitting the […]

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When Less Is More: Achieve a Natural-Looking Augmentation With Breast Fat Transfer

Remember the “Baywatch Babe?” Embodied most famously by Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch Babe was the epitome of the 90s dream body—large, voluptuous breasts that soon became the standard in breast augmentation. But things have changed since “Baywatch” first aired, including body trends. Women now want enhancement that doesn’t look so obviously enhanced. There’s still a […]

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