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Stem Cell Facelift

Skin rejuvenation and volume enhancement are two essential elements of facial enhancement. After years of refining the facelift to meet these goals, Dr. Renato Calabria, pioneer of the vertical facelift, has created the next step in facelift evolution: the stem cell facelift. This highly sophisticated and technologically advanced facelift combines the techniques of the vertical facelift with stem cell-enriched fat grafting. With this procedure, Dr. Calabria can recreate the natural, youthful framework of the face, enhance facial volume, and rejuvenate the skin — which is something that few other facelift procedures can claim on their own!

Achieved With a Stem Cell Facelift by Dr. Calabria


The stem cell facelift utilizes the knowledge that regenerative cells can restore natural volume. Typical fat injections to the face can improve facial volume; however, the resorption is moderately low, and there is greater potential for contour irregularities. The use of stem cell-enriched fat guarantees a higher resorption rate for more youthful volume enhancement and more natural results.

This procedure is an innovation of the vertical facelift, which Dr. Calabria previously developed to create more natural facelift results. Adjusting the tissues vertically restores the youthful tissue framework.

Signs of Aging

Extensive study has revealed that facial volume loss is a key factor in facial aging. The restoration of volume through stem cell-enriched fat adds youthful volume to the face, thereby reducing the signs of aging.

The stem cell facelift also provides skin rejuvenation. Regenerative cells transferred deep into the facial tissues can improve skin texture and quality, making it tighter and smoother. With more youthful skin and added facial volume, your face will look significantly younger.

Tailored Results

Even while facial volume loss and diminished skin quality are fairly universal signs of aging, every patient will age in a unique way. Dr. Calabria has extensive experience working with patients of all ages who have different manifestations of facial aging. Each stem cell facelift is personally tailored to correct the individual patient’s facial aging.

With a uniquely tailored procedure, patients can feel assured that Dr. Calabria will help them to look their best. Your body’s regenerative cells and stem cells will help to create a more youthful and refreshed look. Dr. Calabria will customize your procedure using your own stem cells to volumize your face, improve your facial framework, and enhance your appearance.

What Does a Stem Cell Facelift Entail?

The stem cell facelift combines vertical facelift techniques with the injection of stem cell-enriched tissue to rejuvenate the face. First, liposuction extracts fat from the lower abdomen or another area of the body. Second, the highly sophisticated Celution® device processes the fat in a closed environment to purify the stem and regenerative cells and prepare them for re-infusion into the body. Next, these cells are injected underneath the facial musculature and into the SMAS, either directly or via implantation with a delivery matrix, to restore lost facial volume. Dr. Calabria places the stem cell-enriched fat into the face without interfering with the facelift dissection. Finally, the facial tissues are redraped, checked for symmetry, anchored vertically, and closed in layers. The entire process is completed in the time frame of a single facelift procedure.

The costs associated with stem cell facelift surgery will vary depending on the extent of your procedure, cost of anesthesia, facility fees, and surgical fees. The U.S. national average cost of a facelift in 2015 was $7,286. Dr. Calabria will be able to give you more details during your consultation.

The incredible techniques involved in the stem cell facelift procedure lead to a faster recovery than the traditional horizontal facelift. Scarring is more minimal due to the use of only two discreet incisions and decreased tension at the closure lines. Dr. Calabria will provide you with pain medications to keep you comfortable during recovery. Some swelling and bruising may occur and should subside after three weeks. Most patients are able to return to work and regular activities within 10 to 14 days after stem cell facelift surgery.

The results of a stem cell facelift are far superior to those of a traditional horizontal facelift with fat grafting. Patients can expect a restoration of youthful contours to their face as well as improved skin laxity, texture, and color for an overall more youthful look. Because this treatment uses stem cells, which help to improve the quality of skin and tissue gradually, results will be gradual.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stem Cell Facelifts

A stem cell facelift is an innovative cosmetic procedure designed to rejuvenate the face and achieve natural, youthful results. This advanced technique combines the principles of a traditional facelift with the regenerative properties of stem cells. During the procedure, stem cell-enriched fat grafting is used to restore volume to the face and improve skin texture and quality.
Stem cells secrete growth factors and can create new blood vessels. Regenerative cells can facilitate a natural biological healing response that promotes tissue survival and retention. Essentially, these cells induce the skin and facial tissues to produce more cells and multiply, which continues to enhance the appearance of the face long after surgery.
Many facelift techniques tighten the skin but do not improve the quality of the skin. The stem cell facelift does. Due to the regenerative properties found in your stem cells, many patients experience tighter, firmer, more elastic, and clearer skin that looks healthier and acts younger!
Dr. Calabria’s stem cell facelift takes the vertical facelift to the next level. While utilizing the same techniques for tightening the facial tissues, the stem cell facelift improves upon the vertical facelift by using stem cell-enriched fat to enhance facial volume. This fat has a higher resorption rate and produces more naturally youthful facial contours.
Traditional facelift techniques, even advanced techniques like vertical facelift target the skin and underlying tissues. Because of this, they work wonders on aging concerns like excess skin and sagging or displaced tissues. Facelift surgery is designed to manipulate the existing facial structure — not add to it. This is why so many patients need to combine their facelift with facial fat grafting or dermal fillers. While this can easily be done, many surgeons consider this to be two separate procedures. Dr. Calabria, on the other hand, realizes the benefits of performing it as one!
All areas of the face can benefit from a stem cell facelift. The lower face and neck will see the most improvement. Additionally, overall facial skin quality and volume will improve. You may wish to combine your stem cell facelift with a brow lift or eyelid lift for even greater results.

Some of the areas most affected by volume loss include the cheeks, nasolabial folds, temple area, tear troughs, jawline and chin, and around the mouth.

Learn more about how the stem cell facelift can benefit facial concerns like jowls by reading our blog here.

Once your swelling and bruising have decreased, you will notice a significant improvement in the shape and structure of your face. As the stem cells and regenerative cells work in your facial tissues, you will continue to see improvements over the following weeks and months leading to an increasingly more youthful facial appearance.