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Dear Dr. Calabria:

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to YOU for the wonderful work you did regarding my elected procedures! You perform such awesome and superb work-amazing! I also want you to know I am so impressed with your warm, approachable, and humble personality. Besides your awesome work you do, that impressed me the most! You are so approachable and not at all arrogant or things of that nature. You made me feel very comfortable in all aspects of my surgery experience with you! I am sure I will be back to visit you in a few years for some more “touch up work.” It has been wonderful experience to meet you and have you perform my surgeries.
Kind Regards,

– A.N.

I can say with great certainty that Dr. Renato Calabria is one of Southern California’s finest and talented leading plastic surgeons. He has been my Dr. for five years and I have come to know him personally. He has performed several surgeries on me, all of which, I have been more than happy with my results. In each case, his confident, pleasant and thorough nature afforded me a natural appearance. He and his staff have always provided and maintained a comfortable and professional atmosphere. I trust his capabilities, knowledge and experience, and would send any family member or friend to him without hesitation.

– D.L.

Just had to say a GIANT word of praise for my friend, Dr. Renato Calabria. It’s been several years since he worked his magic “photo facial” on me for KTLA TV, but I appreciated his dedicated skill and professionalism!! I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends…who, like me, want to put their best face forward.

– D.L.

Dear Dr. Calabria,

Just a note to say that I am very pleased with the work you did on my face! All my friends are asking what my beauty secrets are.
In addition, you carried yourself with the highest level of professionalism. I would be happy to recommend your high level of service and expertise to any individual seeking a plastic surgeon.

– D.S.

I am extremely happy with the results of my surgical procedures, (breast reduction liposuction and laser surgery), performed by the renowned Dr. Calabria. Dr. Calabria evaluates each patient personally and recommends a course of treatment that is designed specifically for that patient. Dr. Calabria made me feel special, like he was working on a masterpiece. I highly recommend Dr. Calabria and his professional and friendly staff to anyone interested in having plastic surgery.

– S.

“Dr. Calabria is an artistically skilled and talented surgeon, of the finest caliber, who understands each individual patient’s needs. His sensitive and caring persona and rapport towards his patients makes all the difference. Finally, his staff works hard to keep the patient happy from the consultation to the end result. Thanks to Dr. Calabria, my new legs are a dream come true!

Feel free to use this quote however helpful, for promotional use, and/or the like. I would be glad to recommend Dr. Calabria to patients considering upcoming surgery from your office, based on my own successful surgery.”

– D.

I am writing with the deepest of apparition regarding Dr. Renato Calabria and your staff in Palm Desert, CA. Anyone that is considering cosmetic surgery should read and consider this testimonial.

I am a 49 year old business professional that has worked very hard over the years. Although the years has been somewhat kind to my face, it was my personal decision to seek facial cosmetic surgery, to erase some of the years of hard work.

Through the comfort and guidance of the staff in Palm Desert, I was introduced to Dr. Calabria. After my first consultation, it was a clear decision that Dr. Calabria would be the surgeon to perform my procedures. Along with impeccable credentials, Dr. Calabria distinguished himself as being respectful, straightforward, and caring. This gave me the complete confidence and comfort in knowing that I had entrusted my face to the proper individuals for surgery, pre and post operative care.

After surgery, I could not have been more pleased. In fact, when my bandages were removed, I began to cry. The entire office staff was wonderful and could not have been more caring. Dr. Calabria performed an incredibly gentle procedure that left me with little bruising, and a rapid recovery. When I was in the recovery room, I over heard the nursing staff say that they had never witnessed a surgeon like him. They whispered, “Did you see how gentle he handles the tissue?” Even being in the twilight of anesthesia, I experienced a feeling of relief and excitement.

Thank you Dr. Calabria and your staff in Palm Desert. I truly appreciate all of your kindness and professional service. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any friend or family member.

– S.