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Fat Grafting for Body ContouringWhile many patients achieve beautiful results through liposuction, the fat removal process can leave some patients with a poor appearance and surface irregularities. Overtreating a given area with liposuction can leave bumps, dents, and indentations in the surface of your skin. The results of a poor liposuction procedure are obvious and often embarrassing. Fat grafting to a previously treated liposuction area can improve your body contour and restore a more natural aesthetic.

How Fat Grafting Improves Your Contour

Fat grafting will transfer localized fat to the poorly treated area to fill in and smooth the surface. It may seem counterproductive to add fat when you wanted to remove it in the first place; however, beautifully natural liposuction results are achieved not by eliminating the most fat possible but by defining the contours of your body. Restoring areas of over-harvested fat highlights your muscles and creates attractive curves.   

Benefits of Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Traditional fat grafting simply purifies the harvested fat of oil and blood to prepare it for transfer. This process is associated with low fat retention and may result in the need for repeat treatments. Stem cell fat grafting places the purified fat into a device that isolates the stem cells through an enzymatic treatment. These concentrated stem cells are more likely to remain after grafting. Stem cell fat grafting results are permanent and better improve the texture of your skin.

Additionally, the fat is harvested using a microcannula to preserve the integrity of the harvested adipose tissue. Fat used for grafting is harvested from other potential trouble areas, which provides not only correction to your poor liposuction areas but slims the rest of your physique as well.

Stem Cells for Your Face and Breasts

Fat grafting using stem cells has a wide variety of uses to enhance your appearance with natural results. Facial rejuvenation and breast enhancement have been revolutionized with the popularization of fat grafting. There is no longer the need for more invasive techniques like a facelift or breast augmentation. Instead, fat grafting uses safe, patient-harvested tissue that is injected using a fine needle. This eliminates the need for extensive incisions and prevents scarring.

If you are not satisfied with your liposuction results, schedule a consultation to see how you can benefit from body contouring using fat grafting. Contact our office at 888-690-4524 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.