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Finally! A Solution for People Dissatisfied With Their Liposuction Results

2 Minute Read: Are you not completely satisfied with your liposuction results? Did liposuction leave you with divots and dents in your contours?  While liposuction is considered a safe and effective means of eliminating unwanted pockets of fat in specific localized body areas, some patients are left to deal with unsatisfactory results. The trend is […]

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Fat Grafting to Correct Liposuction Deformities

 You may be familiar with celebrity horror stories of liposuction gone wrong.Dents, deformities, and a lumpy appearance are all the result of an improperly trained surgeon and poor recovery. When your liposuction leaves your appearance in worse shape than before, you may feel the need to cover your body. Unsight ly liposuction results can make you […]

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