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Getting a Ripped Body with Body Contouring

The traditionally ripped physique—toned biceps, washboard abs, defined glutes and thighs, and little to no fat anywhere—is the ultimate appearance goal. Developing an extensive exercise routine, coupled with a healthy diet, is often all you need to get into your desired shape. While there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush you get from hitting the […]

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How to Maintain Long-Lasting Results

Your cosmetic procedure is just the first step in giving yourself the appearance you desire. While undergoing a surgical procedure can dramatically change your figure, the key is in determining how to maintain long-lasting results. You have put in the time and money to make sure your body looks great, and you want to protect […]

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Revise Body Contouring With Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Few things deter potential patients from getting cosmetic improvements more than hasty or overdone plastic surgery. Liposuction, for example, often yields satisfying body contouring results; however, when it is performed too aggressively, it can produce noticeable dents, dimples, or irregularities. Stem cell fat grafting can smooth and correct the deformities that result from overly intrusive […]

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