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Are you not completely satisfied with your liposuction results? Did liposuction leave you with divots and dents in your contours? 

While liposuction is considered a safe and effective means of eliminating unwanted pockets of fat in specific localized body areas, some patients are left to deal with unsatisfactory results.

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The trend is especially prominent among older patients with poor skin elasticity, leading to irregularities or skin dimpling after liposuction. Much has also to do with the expertise and experience of your surgeon in knowing the correct techniques to use to achieve optimal results. 

An inexperienced surgeon can perform aggressive or under-correction liposuction that leads to a not-so-natural-looking appearance.

If liposuction did not provide you with your desired results, there could be room for improvement. Body contouring with stem cell fat grafting can be used to smooth out irregularities, improve the skin’s overall texture, and tone the areas of your body once treated with liposuction.

How Stem Cell Fat Grafting Corrects Skin Dimpling and Irregularities

Stem cells are a special group of cells with regenerative properties, meaning they help form new tissues when transferred to new areas. Through liposuction, fat cells are harvested from a donor area and purified using advanced technology to extract a higher concentration of stem cells which are then injected into defect areas. How long the procedure takes will depend on the extent of donor and recipient areas.

The stem cell-enriched fat is very effective in restoring fullness and eliminating hollows, “peaks and valleys” in the skin to create a smoother and more evened-out look. Additionally, stem cell fat grafting significantly improves the firmness and quality of the overlying skin to establish the body’s youthful contours. And the best part is most of the grafted fat gives permanent results without the worry of reabsorption, making this technique a more reliable form of body contouring.

If you are struggling with unsightly dents that make your body look disproportionate, this procedure can be life-changing.

Repair and Fill Post-Liposuction Irregularities With Dr. Calabria

It is crucial to find a trusted liposuction revision expert to attain a natural, even outcome. 

Everyone can benefit from working with a qualified, highly experienced plastic surgeon with a good technique like Dr. Calabria. With a stunning reputation of using the revolutionary technique of stem cell fat grafting to increase a patient’s chances of smooth contours and a beautiful outcome, you can rest easy that you are taking a step in the right direction.

Interested in Learning More?

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