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Your cosmetic procedure is just the first step in giving yourself the appearance you desire. While undergoing a surgical procedure can dramatically change your figure, the key is in determining how to maintain long-lasting results. You have put in the time and money to make sure your body looks great, and you want to protect that investment. There are no quick fixes; the key to maintaining your results is to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes a varied diet, staying consistent with an active lifestyle, and reducing your exposure to smoke inhalation. By taking care of your body, your results will last!

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Eat Well


A vital component in maintaining your body’s health is to feed it a varied, whole-food diet. By choosing a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fats, you are providing your body with the optimum balance of vitamins and minerals necessary to keep your body working at its best. These vitamins and minerals are taken to the areas of the body that require their presence. Organ function is dependent on proper levels of nutrients in your body, and if the food you eat does not provide those levels, then the ability of your organs to function properly decreases. This can lead to long-term damage and can affect your weight, metabolism, and thyroid function; it can even affect the appearance of your skin. If you’re purposeful in choosing the food on your plate, then you can avoid many future health problems.

Exercise Often

To maintain your physical appearance, a consistent exercise routine is necessary. Procedures such as body contouring require that you stay active in order to maintain the results of the procedure. While they can significantly change your appearance, these procedures will not prevent the same concerns from developing again. Additionally, a variety of exercise routines will also help keep your body in peak health. You can choose routines that target muscle tone, heart health, and weight loss or maintenance. A consistent exercise regimen helps to improve blood flow, which strengthens organ function and can help you maintain metabolic function. A lack of exercise has been linked to increases in cancers, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. By staying on top of your activity levels, you not only have the ability to maintain the results of your cosmetic surgery, but you will help your body maintain its health.

Reduce Exposure to Smoke

Smoking is one of the worst things for your body. Dr. Calabria recommends that you stop smoking at least six weeks prior to your procedure in order to minimize your risk of surgical complications. If this applies to you, then consider not restarting the habit after your surgery. Smoking can absolutely affect the results of your surgery, and after spending money and time recovering, don’t you want to protect your investment in yourself? Smoking can change the health of your skin and can increase dryness while enhancing lines and wrinkles. Additionally, smoking can affect the ability of your body to fight off disease. Because of its effect on heart and lung health, your ability to stay active and maintain your weight can be affected.


After taking the step to improve your appearance with a cosmetic procedure, taking long-term care of your health is the next step. Not only are you setting yourself up for a lifetime of better health, but your cosmetic surgery results will last long-term, as well.



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