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Scar-Free Enhancement: How Stem Cell Fat Grafting Cuts Down on Scarring

3 Min Read Surgeons like Dr. Calabria always try to be as careful as possible when creating incisions for procedures like a facelift or liposuction.  Unfortunately, some scarring is inevitable, and those surgical scars may cause some patients to feel self-conscious or even unattractive. Fortunately, though, innovation in plastic surgery continues to thrive. Many newer, […]

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Men’s Rejuvenation With Stem Cell Facelift

3 Min Read In today’s world, many men want to look as though they are ready for anything at any time. For them, it is the first step in projecting a strong male image.  Having an appearance that looks rested and vigorous is the most important part of that presentation. The desire to project that […]

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How Does Stem Cell Plastic Surgery Compare to Others?

4 min read Stem Cell Grafting and Body Contouring A desire for less invasive ways to improve our appearance is driving cosmetic surgery’s recent trends.  Procedures that use other means of restructuring, resurfacing, or re-draping are taking precedence over traditional surgery as people prefer faster recovery and an outcome that looks less “done.” People want […]

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