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3 Reasons to Consider the Stem Cell Facelift

2 Minute Read: Facelift surgery has come a long way from the overdone, wind-swept look that used to be associated with this procedure.  New techniques and technological advancements now offer results that range from subtle to dramatic while keeping a natural appearance. The Vertical Facelift One of these advancements is the vertical facelift. This technique […]

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Why Is There Controversy Around Using Stem Cells?

4 Minute Read: Stem cells are the biological building blocks that create all the parts of our bodies. There are several different types of stem cells, including embryonic stem cells (found in the earliest stages of development), tissue-specific/ adult stem cells (first appear during the fetal stage but are carried with us throughout life), and […]

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Finally! A Solution for People Dissatisfied With Their Liposuction Results

2 Minute Read: Are you not completely satisfied with your liposuction results? Did liposuction leave you with divots and dents in your contours?  While liposuction is considered a safe and effective means of eliminating unwanted pockets of fat in specific localized body areas, some patients are left to deal with unsatisfactory results. The trend is […]

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