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How Fat Can Correct Surgical Imperfections

Liposuction and breast augmentation are two of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries today. Unfortunately, while these procedures are very successful in achieving results, those results do not always turn out exactly as you would like. Common complications and surgical imperfections include irregularities in the smoothness or overall contour of the treated area. However, Dr. […]

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When Liposuction Is Unsatisfactory

If you’ve ever dealt with stubborn fat deposits, then you understand the desire to have a slender, contoured body that will make heads turn. While liposuction is an effective way to contour your body, some providers can be overly aggressive in their method, which can leave imperfections behind that mar the shape of the body. […]

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Fat Grafting to Correct Liposuction Deformities

 You may be familiar with celebrity horror stories of liposuction gone wrong.Dents, deformities, and a lumpy appearance are all the result of an improperly trained surgeon and poor recovery. When your liposuction leaves your appearance in worse shape than before, you may feel the need to cover your body. Unsight ly liposuction results can make you […]

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