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The traditionally ripped physique—toned biceps, washboard abs, defined glutes and thighs, and little to no fat anywhere—is the ultimate appearance goal. Developing an extensive exercise routine, coupled with a healthy diet, is often all you need to get into your desired shape.

While there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush you get from hitting the gym hard and working out your body and seeing the results. But, sometimes, certain areas of the body naturally accumulate extra fat. Those stubborn pockets are hard to get rid of no matter how many reps you do.

Dr. Renato Calabria specializes in body contouring and stem cell fat grafting, an innovative method to achieve sculpted body contours while using the body’s own tissues for natural-looking enhancement.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring or body sculpting refers to cosmetic surgery procedures that are used to sculpt the body into the desired shape, often removing fat and tightening muscles to achieve optimum definition and tone.

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There are several procedures used in body contouring. The most common include liposuction, which targets and removes excess fat, and surgical procedures like a tummy tuck, which are used to tighten muscles for a firmer tone.

Typically, liposuction is very effective at removing fat along the body, face, and neck. But since those fat cells are permanently removed, if the body experiences additional weight gain, the excess fat may go to other areas, sometimes resulting in unattractive dents or an unnatural-looking contour that might need even more surgery to correct.

Dr. Renato Calabria has gone one step further in moving forward with the future of body contouring by using stem cell fat grafting to form and shape the body as desired.

What Is Stem Cell Fat Grafting?

This method is essentially a combination of specially targeted liposuction used to remove excess fat from certain areas of the body and then carefully graft it onto others.

With stem cell fat grafting, Dr. Renato Calabria isolates the stem cells found inside the harvested fat. These stem cells are rich in regenerative abilities, boosting the body’s own cell production and improving surrounding tissues.

Once the stem cells are extracted, they are reinjected into depressions or other areas of the body that may need smoothing, such as the:

  • Chest
  • Breasts
  • Hips
  • Buttocks

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What Are the Benefits of Stem Cell Fat Grafting?

Immediate Fat Removal

The most immediate benefit to stem cell fat grafting is the instant removal of unwanted fat from stubborn areas. Usually, patients will see inches of fat disappear right away, which starts to improve body contours from the get-go.

Low Risk of Rejection

Because this procedure pushes the patient’s fat back into his or her body, there’s little to no risk of infection or fat rejection. In fact, the body naturally begins to absorb the fat back into itself, resulting in enhancement that’s natural and never looks overdone.

Stem cell fat grafting, in particular, tends to result in better outcomes than traditional fat grafting, where up to a quarter of the fat cells may be lost.

Natural Appearance

Liposuction recovery can take several weeks as the body heals and contours adjust themselves. Typically, patients will need to refrain from strenuous activity for about two weeks after the procedure.

Results are progressive; the stem cells fuse with and improve existing tissue as time passes. Skin grows firmer and contours become more symmetrical over months.


Interested in seeing what stem cell fat grafting can do for you? Contact our Beverly Hills office at (323) 612-0876, our Rancho Mirage office at (760) 836-0077, or our Milan, Italy office at +393494662323 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Calabria soon.